Dr Geoffrey Cohn

Hollows Lecture
Dr Geoffrey Cohn
Honorary Medical Coordinator; Myanmar Eye Care Project; Cambodia Eye Care Project; Andhra Pradesh Eye Care Project.

Dr. Cohn has a lifelong concern with community medical care and improved modes of service delivery. From the former “homelands” of South Africa to Australia’s own neighbourhood – Indonesia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar – he has worked with local colleagues on empowering communities to deliver and improve their eye care.
Coming from the intrinsically generous nation of Australia, he has been able to draw upon many resources, such as equipment donated by colleagues, hospitals and the ophthalmological support industry. In addition, many Australian eye surgeons have contributed their clinical, surgical and teaching skills. Lay individuals and groups have provided funding.

Dr. Cohn has been able to confirm his conviction that much of the blindness afflicting the developing world can readily be addressed by education, appropriate technology and generosity of spirit.