Registration Categories and Fees

Registration for RANZCO’s 49th Annual Scientific Congress is now open!

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Registration fee is per person
(Up to 6 September 2017)
(From 7 September 2017)
LATE RATE – Fellows only
(From 3 October 2017)
Active Fellow (includes Honorary, Grandfathered, 80+ years, those with 40+ years of membership) $0 $0 $350
Part-time and fully Retired and Overseas Fellow $690




Trainee $345 $415 $515
(One day only)
$155 $155 $255
(Wednesday only)
$115 $115 $115
Practice Manager $365 $435 $535
Practice Manager
(One day only)
$175 $175 $275
Practice Manager
(Wednesday only)
$135 $135 $135
Ordinary and International Associate ^ $690 $825 $925
Ordinary and International Associate^ (One day only) $325 $325 $425
Ordinary and International Associate^ (Wednesday only) $245 $245 $245
Ophthalmologist $1,475 $1,725 $1825
(One day only)
$635 $635 $735
(Wednesday only)
$445 $445 $445
Practice Manager $785 $935 $1035
Practice Manager
(One day only)
$345 $345 $445
Practice Manager
(Wednesday only)
$245 $245 $245
Ophthalmology Trainee $645 $715 $815
Ophthalmology Trainee~ (One day) $245 $245 $345
Ophthalmology Trainee~ (Wednesday) $175 $175 $175
All others* $785 $935 $1035
All others*
(one day only)
$345 $345 $445
All others*
(Wednesday day only)
$245 $245 $245
Accompanying Person Including Wine tour $360 $360 $400
Accompanying Person $225 $225 $325

IMPORTANT NOTES:(1) Orthoptists must register and book accommodation with Orthoptics Australia. Please visit for more details.
(2) Early Bird Rate
To qualify for early bird registration, registration fees must be received by the 6 September 2017. Registration fees are based on date of payment receipt, not the date of receipt of registration form.(3) Late Rate (Fellows only)
The late rate will apply to registrations and/or payments received from 3 October 2017 up until the Congress commences. The late rate only applies to Fellows.
$350 Donation to Eye Surgeons Foundation(4) Member Rates
To qualify for member rates, you must be a financial member of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists. Your membership status will be verified upon registration. Please contact RANZCO directly for further details at
If your application for membership is still in process, you don’t have to wait for receipt of confirmation of your membership status in order to register at the member rate for the Congress. We will check your membership status closer to the Congress date, or you can send an email to once your membership is confirmed by the College.(5) Day Registration Rates
Delegates can only purchase ONE day registration. If more than one day registration is required, then a FULL registration must be purchased. The only exception to this is the ‘Ophthalmology Trainee’ one day registration.(6) ^ RANZCO International (Asia-Pacific Regional) Associates receive a further discount on their Congress Fees (10%)(7) ~This registration type can apply for multiple days(8) *All others registration type includes nurses, vision scientist, GP, Medical Officer, Junior Doctor and Medical Student. This rate excludes Optometrists who must be sponsored by a Fellow of the College to attend the Congress(9) Please note that there will be an additional $100 on top of the standard rate for all onsite registrations.

RANZCO Congress Office:
Think Business Events
Ph: +61 2 8251 0045